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Matt---Ok here goes my name is matt im the lead guitarist.. Umm i got word of this band from cameron who was jammin with kasey and we had a jam session and we kept goin and got our unique sound. I couldnt ask for a better group of guys to be playin with. My influences are The Misfits, Pennywise, ,Against me, and Johnny Cash, Social Distortion,MInor Threat,and my unlce dan. Ok some personal info Born-february 5, ive been playing guitar around 3 years or 4 something like that. But enough about me....i would like to thank all my family and close friends for all there support and to all the people who have pissed me off keep doin it it makes good songs. A special thanks to my mom and dad who gave birth to me and may as well kill me too. Thats it everyone elce fuck off!
Cameron--- hey my name is cameron (no shit!).. and i play bass...
born: july 6th
occupation: currently enrolled in High school and part time stripper at Chip n Dales on Tuesday nights.... YOU WISH!
hobbies: i like to skate, play bass (DUH), but my all time passion is SNOWBOARDIN!!
status: single, looking, multiple partners a MUST!
Religion: looking into Buddism but currently a CAMERONIST!
THANKS!: to everyone who did and did not suport me... my parents for not killing me...
Kasey- yoyoyo! this is Kasey the drummer for The Downfall.  I was born August 21, 1989. I go to simi high and love music and  movies. My favorate bands include the misfits, COF, against me!, social distortion, Adolescents, Agent Orange, and operation ivy. i want to thank matt and cameron for writing the songs so i dont have to. i also want to thank henry kaleb dante and robert for listening to me about wanting to be in a band. i also want to thank ryan for doing absoutly noting. i also want to thank letters forom memphis for getting us our first show. so yeah. thats the end. go home.